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FREE SERMON OUTLINES provide several sermon outlines so that you can understand how to prepare a sermon outline.

How To Prepare A Sermon Outline

Sooner or later every preacher learns how to prepare a sermon outline. Most preachers prepare deductive sermon outlines; however, some preachers may prepare inductive sermon outlines. Moreover, other preachers may use both the inductive and deductive method of preparing sermon outlines.

Whatever method you use to prepare a sermon outlines, it is important that you understand the structure so that sermon writing becomes easier.

Free Sermon Outlines

The free sermon outlines provided have been prepared using the deductive method.

Pressing Toward The Goal With Maximum Effort
(Philippians 3:12-16)

Introduction: In many ways, we live in a very sporty nation. A nation that loves to see its sportmen and women achieve at the highest level. In similar ways, the apostle Paul must have been a sporty person because he so often used athletic analogies, or athletic metaphors to illustrate spiritual truth. One of his athletic analogies was that of a runner, running a race. Several times in his writings Paul referred to this running metaphor, this picture of maximum effort as one strives toward the finish line.

In some ways, the Christian life is a race and the Christian is a runner - runner pressing toward the goal with great effort and enthusiasm. Paul said, "I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus" (Phil. 3:14). In other words, Paul lived the Christian life with purpose, with enthusiasm, looking unto Jesus - the author and finisher of his faith - knowing that one day he would finish the race and collect the prize. In the same way, Paul encouraged his readers to press toward the goal, to run the race set before them with maximum effort.

Paul gave three reasons why we should press toward the goal. They are:

  1. Christianity is a growing process (3:12) Two statements:

    1. In this life, we are not made perfect (3:12a)
    2. In this life, we must press toward the goal (3:12b)

  2. Christianity is striving process (3:13-14) Three statements:

    1. We need to have a single focus (3:13a, 14)
    2. We need to forget the past (3:13b)
    3. We need to look ahead (3:13c)

  3. Christianity is a maturing process (3:15-16) Two statements:

    1. We need to have the right attitude (3:15)
    2. We need to have a consistent attitude (3:16)

Conclusion: The reason we can press toward the goal with maximum effort is because the Christian life is a growing, striving, and maturing process. Are you striving, growing, and maturing in your Christian walk?

Coming To Jesus For Counsel
(Heb. 4:14-16)

Introduction: In the past, Christianity was actively involved in the study, the development, and the understanding of psychology. Basically, this understanding came through the study of God and His word. However, in recent times, psychology has emerged as a unique discipline. A discipline distinct from theology. Therefore, psychology has moved away from its original biblical basis.

Worldly psychology tries to deal with man's problems by changing his behaviour or environment; whereas, biblical psychology seeks to bring man and his problems under the authority of God and His Word. The reason for this is because Jesus Christ is the master counsellor and the solution to all of man's problems. The answers to man's problems are found in Jesus Christ.

In this passage, we see three reasons for coming to Jesus for counsel. They are:

  1. He is our great High-priest (4:14) Four reasons:

    1. He purged our sins (1:3)
    2. He is the exalted one (4:14a)
    3. He is our perfect mediator (4:14b)
    4. He is the object of our confession (4:14c)

  2. He is our sympathetic High-priest (4:15) Two reason:

    1. He endured many trials and testings (4:15a)
    2. He triumphantly endured every trial and testing (4:15b)

  3. He is our merciful and gracious High-priest (4:16) Therefore:

    1. We can come to Jesus with confidence (4:16a)
    2. We can come to Jesus for help in all situations (4:16b)

Conclusion: The reason we can come to Jesus for counsel is because He is our great high-priest, He is our sympathetic high-priest, and He is our merciful and gracious high-priest. Remember, we are complete in Christ (Col. 2:9). We will find everything we need in Christ.

Understanding the Enormity of the Gift of God
(Romans 5:15-21)

Introduction: Sometimes a gift can be very special and it can leave a life - time impression. At the age of six, Lora was diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes. Over the next 25 years, her diabetes degenerated into severe diabetic neuropathy - that is, her diabetes affected her nervous system. Eventually, she was placed on dialysis waiting for a transplant. On April 22, 1996, Lora received the call that led to a kidney and pancreas transplant.

For Lora, the gift of a kidney and pancreas meant another chance at life. Without them she would have died. She commented, "I will never forget the gift that was given to me, and the giver of that gift." In many ways, she understood the enormity of the gift because she knew the cost to the donor and his family. Also, she was experiencing a quality of life that the gift had given her. Likewise the gift of God, which is eternal life through Jesus Christ, is a very special gift, a gift that leaves a life-time impression.

There are three insights into the enormity and wonder of the gift of God. They are:

  1. The gift of God is undeserving (5:15-16) Two facts:

    1. The offense deserves punishment (5:15a, 16a)
    2. The gift of God is undeserving (5:15b, 16b)

  2. The gift of God is certain (5:17-19) Two inferences:

    1. Death is certain (5:17a, 18a, 19a)
    2. Enternal life is certain (5:17b, 18b, 19b)

  3. The gift of God is life-changing (5:20-21) Two reasons:

    1. God's grace super-abounds (5:20)
    2. God's grace reigns (5:21)

Conclusion: The content of the enormity and wonder of the gift of God is that it is undeserving, certain, and life-changing. We have much to praise God for.

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