Free Funeral Sermons

FREE FUNERAL SERMONS provide an outline of a funeral sermon and free downloads of funeral sermons. You can plan funerals or memorials by perusing other people's work in this area. The bereaved will appreciate your commitment to a well-set-out funeral or memorial service.

How To Write A Funeral Sermon

Writing a funeral sermon is never easy, especially if the funeral is for a non-believer. On the other hand, if the funeral is for a believer, then the funeral sermon is focused on the celebration of the life of that person and his/her relationship with Jesus Christ.

The best funeral sermons often dovetail through the whole funeral service. Therefore, it is important to have a funeral service outline that faciliates this approach.

Funeral Service Outline

The following funeral service outline has a sensitive structure that allows a funeral sermon to dovetail its way through the order of service.

  1. Welcome and Introduction
  2. Bible Reading
  3. Eulogy
  4. Time of Reflection
  5. Prayer For Family
  6. Address and Prayer
  7. Song
  8. Closing Prayer

Funeral Memorial Poems

Funeral Service Poems

Most funerals or memorial services, whether religious or not, involve a tribute, eulogy, music, readings and a message from the minister or someone who is close to the deceased.

Funerals or memorial services are never easy, and yet they are important in that they allow mourners to say goodbye to their loved ones which in turn begins the healing process.

The funeral or memorial service is a place where people can express their grief and feelings by commemorating a unique and precious life.

The collection of funeral memorial poems, quotations and readings in Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep are very helpful in preparing for funeral and memorial services.

Choosing the right funeral memorial poem can make a different when you write a tribute, eulogy or a message. Do Not Stand At My Grave And Weep is a resource for ministers and funeral officials.

If you purchase this product, you will also receive Bereavement For Beginners, which is a resource for people in the bereavement industry. If you are dealing with grieving people, then the information in this book may help you help others work through the grieving process.

Funeral Sermon Outlines

Free Funeral Sermons

When it comes to writing funeral service messages, we are all unique in the way we compile these messages. So it is very difficult to simply pull a funeral sermon off the shelf and preach it at a funeral service.

When I graduated from seminary, I was given a dozen or so funeral sermon outlines. There was not one sermon in that collection that I could preach. However, I was able to take ideas from those funeral sermons and construct sermons that were unique to me and my style of presentation.

Funeral Sermon Outlines is just another resource for ministers or funeral officials.

Included in this package are funeral sermon outlines, funeral notes and how to do a funeral. As I said before, it is a resource you can use to build your repertoire of funeral and memorial sermons.

If you purchase this package, you also receive a wedding package which includes wedding messages, wedding notes, wedding order of service and how to do a wedding.

Free Funeral Sermons

Free Funeral Sermons

The two free funeral sermons available for download have been written with the above approach in mind (see funeral sermon outline above). One funeral sermon was for a Christian funeral and the other funeral sermon was for a non-Christian funeral.

Names and private information have been changed to protect the identity of the deceased persons.

The sermon written for the Christian was a celebration of his life here on earth. He wanted people to know that he was a Chritian, that death was not the end and that he was now in heaven. So he wanted the message to focus on heaven. He wanted to encourage people to think about their eternal destiny.

The sermon written for the non-Christian had a different focus. The family wanted to reflect upon their mother's journey through life. They gave me their mother's favorite poem to use as an expression of her life. Unbeknown to them this poem had a biblical message. So I used that poem as a central part of the message.

I have provided these two free funeral sermons as a resource for building your repertoire of funeral and memorial sermons. As I said before, we are all unique in the way that we present our information to people. Therefore, you may be able to use parts of these messages as ideas for developing funeral or memorial sermons.

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