Christian Theology

Christian Theology is a one volume unabridged edition by Millard Erickson. Christian Theology is an evangelical view to systematic theology.

Christian Theology - Millard Erickson

About The Author

Dr. Millard Erickson is Distinguished Professor of Theology at Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. Dr Millard Erickson earned a BA, BD, MA and Ph.D. He is an ordained Baptist minister. Also, he has authored over 20 books.

Dr. Millard Erickson is a conservative evangelical who has been a vocal opponent of the most liberal side of evangelicalism.

While teaching systematic theology for many years, Dr. Millard Erickson often wished for a more recent introductory textbook written from an evangelical perspective. While the textbooks written by others served admirably for their day, there was no way they could have anticipated the recent developments in theology and other disciplines. In light of this, Dr. Millard Erickson compiled Christian Theology in an attempt to meet the need of the day.

Christian Theology is a one volume textbook for the introductory of systematic theology. The book is for students and people who simply want to understand more about Christian Theology.

Some Summary Points of Christian Theology by Millard Erickson

Christian Theology is by one reviewer "the finest evangelical systematic theology thus far for our generation." Christian Theology is available in an unabridged one volume textbook for students or those who wish to study systematic theology.

The central motif of Christian Theology is the magnificence of God. "By this is meant the greatness of God in terms of his power and knowledge and the excellence and splendor of His moral nature. Because God is the Alpha and Omega, the beginning and end, it is appropriate that our theology be constructed with His greatness and goodness as the primary reference point."

Christian Theology begins with an introduction to "what is theology."

Dr. Millard Erickson organizes his volume well so that the student can quickly fine his ways around the one volume textbook.

  1. Studying God - What is Theology
  2. Knowing God - The Revelation of God
  3. What God is Like - Creation, Providence and Sovereignty
  4. What God Does - The Doctrine of God
  5. Humanity - The Doctrine of Man
  6. Sin - The Doctrine of Sin
  7. The Person of Christ - The Doctrine of Christ
  8. The Work of Christ - The Doctrine of Salvation
  9. The Holy Spirit - The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  10. Conceptions of Salvation
  11. The Church - The Doctrine of the Church
  12. The Last Things - The Doctrine of Eschatology

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