How To Prepare Bible Messages

How To Prepare Bible Messages is a very effective book written by James Braga. How To Prepare Bible Messages is a how-to-do-it book that sets forth the step by step process of preparing and delivering an effective sermon.

How To Prepare Bible Messages - James Braga

About The Author

James Braga has been a missionary to China, a pastor and was for many years a professor at Multnomah School of the Bible.

James Braga maintains that every pastor should learn to formulate his own sermon outlines. This may be tedious work at first but after some time will find it easier to prepare bible messages for his congregation.

"No amount of knowledge or of learning or of natural endowments can take the place of a fervent, humble, devoted heart which longs for more and more of Christ."

James Braga underpins his book by the premise that the most important factor in the preparation of sermons is the preparation of the preacher's own heart. Note How To Study The Bible For Beginners.

James Braga suggests unequivocally that a preacher must be a man of prayer - a man who understands spiritual warfare. Finally, James Braga states that "the man who is to preach the message of the Book must also be a man of the Book."

Some Summary Points of How To Prepare Bible Sermons by James Braga

How To Prepare Bible Messages is really a lesson on Homiletics - the Science and Art of Preaching.

However, what sets How To Prepare Bible Messages apart from the rest is that James Braga presents a step-by-step process that will help you understand how to prepare a sermon outline. After all, your sermon outline is your preaching road map.

How To Prepare Bible Messages provide seven basis steps in preparation of a sermon.

  1. Choice of passage
  2. Thorough exegetical study of the passage - note hermeneutics
  3. Discovery of the main thrust of the passage
  4. Construction of the sermon outline
  5. Filling in the sermon outline
  6. Preparation of the conclusion, introduction and title
  7. Prayerful dependence upon the Spirit of God

How To Prepare Bible Messages primarily sets forth a deductive method of sermon outlining. However, there are several way you can construct a sermon outline - deductively, inductively or a bit of both.

How To Prepare Bible Messages is a book that every preacher should read regularly in order to maintain your understanding of homiletical structure. If you are going to preach two or three Bible messages a week, then you will need to understand homiletical structure.

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